Tuesday, June 14, 2011

*HOT* Deal at Albertson's - LAST DAY

Sorry I'm so late in posting this but I wanted to let you know still in case you have an Albertson's near by. This is a great deal.

Right now when you buy $100 in Gift Cards a coupon will print out for $20 off at Albertson's! FREE GROCERIES!!!

This is a great way to get a discount on things you don't normally get a discount on!

A couple of great Gift Cards you can pick up are

JC Penneys - They have great coupons you will be able to use with it!
Lowes & Home Depot - Planning a big purchase? This is a great way to save a little!
Numerous Clothing Stores - Great time to save on back to school shopping!
Disney - Planning a trip to Disney this summer? You can also pick up a gift card for there!
Restaurants- Planning any trip this summer? Prepare by purchasing gift cards to places you will eat! 
Movies - Get a gift card to the movies!

And you don't have to purchase all $100 to one place! You can mix it up. You just have to spend a TOTAL $100 in one transaction. Even better is since these are gift cards you are using. When you redeem them at the store they are for you will be able to use a coupon too!

Today I bought $250 Gift cards to Ebay, $25 Amazon and $25 McDonald's! ($300 total) I got back $60 to spend on Groceries at Albertson's!

The coupons that print out are only good for one week so you will have to use them quickly. But this is such a great way to get

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Helping the Tornado Victims


A bunch of couponers around the web have been setting up ways to help out those who have been victims of the recent tornados. Frugal Fritzie, who lives in Joplin, has a bunch of details of how you can help her cause too! Also check out Money Saving Mom for more options! Many lost EVERYTHING!
Never ones to turn away from a call to action my husband Kelly and I put together a box today with items we have purchased for free or cheap with coupons that we will be sending on Tuesday. Many are items from our stockpile. This is what it is for!

Yes that is over 20 bottles of body wash, tons of pain relievers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and OTC medications along with lots of other great stuff they should be able to use!